End-to-End Low Cost Compressive Spectral Imaging with Spatial-Spectral Self-Attention

Ziyi Meng, Jiawei Ma, Xin Yuan ;


Coded aperture snapshot spectral imaging (CASSI) is an effective tool to capture real-world 3D hyperspectral images. While a number of existing work has been conducted for hardware and algorithm design, we make a step towards the low-cost solution that enjoys video-rate high-quality reconstruction. To make solid progress on this challenging yet under-investigated task, we reproduce a stable single disperser (SD) CASSI system to gather large-scale real-world CASSI data and propose a novel deep convolutional network to carry out the real-time reconstruction by using self-attention. In order to jointly capture the self-attention across different dimensions in hyperspectral images (i.e., channel-wise spectral correlation and non-local spatial regions), we propose Spatial-Spectral Self-Attention (TSA) to process each dimension sequentially, yet in an order-independent manner. We employ TSA in an encoder-decoder network, dubbed TSA-Net, to reconstruct the desired 3D cube. Furthermore, we investigate how noise affects the results and propose to add shot noise in model training, which improves the real data results significantly. We hope our large-scale CASSI data serve as a benchmark in future research and our TSA model as a baseline in deep learning based reconstruction algorithms."

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