Spatial-Angular Interaction for Light Field Image Super-Resolution

Yingqian Wang,  Longguang Wang,  Jungang Yang, Wei An,  Jingyi Yu,  Yulan Guo ;


Light field (LF) cameras record both intensity and directions of light rays, and capture scenes from a number of viewpoints. Both information within each perspective (i.e., spatial information) and among different perspectives (i.e., angular information) is beneficial to image super-resolution (SR). In this paper, we propose a spatial-angular interactive network (namely, LF-InterNet) for LF image SR. Specifically, spatial and angular features are first separately extracted from input LFs, and then repetitively interacted to progressively incorporate spatial and angular information. Finally, the interacted features are fused to superresolve each sub-aperture image. Experimental results demonstrate the superiority of LF-InterNet over the state-of-the-art methods, i.e., our method can achieve high PSNR and SSIM scores with low computational cost, and recover faithful details in the reconstructed images."

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