Efficient Scale-Permuted Backbone with Learned Resource Distribution

Xianzhi Du, Tsung-Yi Lin, Pengchong Jin, Yin Cui Mingxing Tan, Quoc Le, Xiaodan Song ;


Recently, SpineNet has demonstrated promising results on object detection and image classification over ResNet model. However, it is unclear if the improvement adds up when combining scale-permuted backbone with advanced efficient operations and compound scaling. Furthermore, SpineNet is built with a uniform resource distribution over operations. While this strategy seems to be prevalent for scale-decreased models, it may not be an optimal design for scale-permuted models. In this work, we propose a simple technique to combine efficient operations and compound scaling with a previously learned scale-permuted architecture. We demonstrate the efficiency of scale-permuted model can be further improved by learning a resource distribution over the entire network. The resulting efficient scale-permuted models outperform state-of-the-art EfficientNet-based models on object detection and achieve competitive performance on image classification and semantic segmentation."

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