Password-conditioned Anonymization and Deanonymization with Face Identity Transformers

Xiuye Gu, Weixin Luo, Michael S. Ryoo, Yong Jae Lee ;


Cameras are prevalent in our daily lives, and enable many useful systems built upon computer vision technologies such as smart cameras and home robots for service applications. However, there is also an increasing societal concern as the captured images/videos may contain privacy-sensitive information (e.g., face identity). We propose a novel face identity transformer which enables automated photo-realistic password-based anonymization and deanonymization of human faces appearing in visual data. Our face identity transformer is trained to (1) remove face identity information after anonymization, (2) recover the original face when given the correct password, and (3) return a wrong---but photo-realistic---face given a wrong password. With our carefully designed password scheme and multi-task learning objective, we achieve both anonymization and deanonymization using the same single network. Extensive experiments show that our method enables multimodal password conditioned anonymizations and deanonymizations, with superior privacy protection compared to existing anonymization methods."

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