Blended Grammar Network for Human Parsing

Xiaomei Zhang, Yingying Chen, Bingke Zhu, Jinqiao Wang, Ming Tang ;


Although human parsing has made great progress, it still faces a challenge, i.e., how to extract the whole foreground from similar or cluttered scenes effectively. In this paper, we propose a Blended Grammar Network (BGNet), to deal with the challenge. BGNet exploits the inherent hierarchical structure of a human body and the relationship of different human parts by means of grammar rules in both cascaded and paralleled manner. In this way, conspicuous parts, which are easily distinguished from the background, can amend the segmentation of inconspicuous ones, improving the foreground extraction. We also design a Part-aware Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (PCRNN) to pass messages which are generated by grammar rules. To train PCRNNs effectively, we present a blended grammar loss to supervise the training of PCRNNs. We conduct extensive experiments to evaluate BGNet on PASCAL-Person-Part, LIP, and PPSS datasets. BGNet obtains state-of-the-art performance on these human parsing datasets."

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