FTL: A universal framework for training low-bit DNNs via Feature Transfer

Kunyuan Du, Ya Zhang, Haibing Guan, Qi Tian, Shenggan Cheng, James Lin ;


Low-bit Deep Neural Networks (low-bit DNNs) have recently received significant attention for their high efficiency. However, low-bit DNNs are often difficult to optimize due to the the saddle points in loss surfaces. Here we introduce a novel feature-based knowledge transfer framework, which utilizes a 32-bit DNN to guide the training of a low-bit DNN via feature maps. It is challenge because feature maps from two branches lie in continuous and discrete space respectively, and such mismatch has not been handled properly by existing feature transfer frameworks. In this paper, we propose to directly transfer information-rich continuous-space feature to the low-bit branch. To alleviate the negative impacts brought by the feature quantizer during the transfer process, we make two branches interact via centered cosine distance rather than the widely-used p-norms. Extensive experiments are conducted on Cifar10/100 and ImageNet. Compared with low-bit models trained directly, the proposed framework brings 0.5% to 3.4% accuracy gains to three different quantization schemes. Besides, the proposed framework can also be combined with other techniques, e.g. logits transfer, for further enhacement."

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