Asymmetric Two-Stream Architecture for Accurate RGB-D Saliency Detection

Miao Zhang, Sun Xiao Fei, Jie Liu, Shuang Xu, Yongri Piao, Huchuan Lu ;


Most existing RGB-D saliency detection methods adopt symmetric two-stream architectures for learning discriminative RGB and depth representations. In fact, there is another level of ambiguity that is often overlooked: if RGB and depth data are necessary to fit into the same network. In this paper, we propose an asymmetric two-stream architecture taking account of the inherent differences between RGB and depth data for saliency detection. First, we design a flow ladder module (FLM) for the RGB stream to fully extract global and local information while maintaining the saliency details. This is achieved by constructing four detail-transfer branches, each of which preserves the detail information and receives global location information from representations of other vertical parallel branches in an evolutionary way. Second, we propose a novel depth attention module (DAM) to ensure depth features with high discriminative power in location and spatial structure being effectively utilized when combined with RGB features in challenging scenes. The depth features can also discriminatively guide the RGB features via our proposed DAM to precisely locate the salient objects. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our method achieves superior performance over 13 state-of-the-art RGB-D approaches on the 7 datasets. Our code will be publicly available."

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