Multi-Class Model Fitting by Energy Minimization and Mode-Seeking

Daniel Barath, Jiri Matas; The European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2018, pp. 221-236


We propose a general formulation, called Multi-X, for multi-class multi-instance model fitting - the problem of interpreting the input data as a mixture of noisy observations originating from multiple instances of multiple classes. We extend the commonly used alpha-expansion-based technique with a new move in the label space. The move replaces a set of labels with the corresponding density mode in the model parameter domain, thus achieving fast and robust optimization. Key optimization parameters like the bandwidth of the mode seeking are set automatically within the algorithm. Considering that a group of outliers may form spatially coherent structures in the data, we propose a cross-validation-based technique removing statistically insignificant instances. Multi-X outperforms significantly the state-of-the-art on publicly available datasets for diverse problems: multiple plane and rigid motion detection; motion segmentation; simultaneous plane and cylinder fitting; circle and line fitting.

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