Fashionpedia: Ontology, Segmentation, and an Attribute Localization Dataset

Menglin Jia, Mengyun Shi, Mikhail Sirotenko, Yin Cui, Claire Cardie , Bharath Hariharan, Hartwig Adam, Serge Belongie ;


Segmentation, and an Attribute Localization Dataset","In this work, we focus on the task of instance segmentation with attribute localization. This unifies instance segmentation (detect and segment each object instance) and visual categorization of fine-grained attributes (classify one or multiple attributes). The proposed task requires both localizing an object and describing its properties. To illustrate the various aspects of this task, we focus on the domain of fashion and introduce Fashionpedia as a step toward mapping out the visual aspects of the fashion world. Fashionpedia consists of two parts: (1) an ontology built by fashion experts containing 27 main apparel categories, 19 apparel parts, and 294 fine-grained attributes and their relationships and (2) a dataset consisting of everyday and celebrity event fashion images annotated with segmentation masks and their associated fine-grained attributes, built upon the backbone of the Fashionpedia ontology. In order to solve this challenging task, we propose a novel Attribute-Mask R-CNN model to jointly perform instance segmentation and localized attribute recognition, and provide a novel evaluation metric for the task. Fashionpedia is available at "

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