SPOT: Selective Point Cloud Voting for Better Proposal in Point Cloud Object Detection

Hongyuan Du, Linjun Li, Bo Liu, Nuno Vasconcelos ;


The sparsity of point clouds limits deep learning models on capturing long-range dependencies, which makes features extracted by the models ambiguous. In point cloud object detection, ambiguous features make it hard for detectors to locate object centers and finally lead to bad detection results. In this work, we propose Selective Point clOud voTing (SPOT) module, a simple effective component that can be easily trained end-to-end in point cloud object detectors to solve this problem. Inspired by probabilistic Hough voting, SPOT incorporates an attention mechanism that helps detectors focus on less ambiguous features and preserves their diversity of mapping to multiple object centers. For evaluating our module, we implement SPOT on advanced baseline detectors and test on two benchmark datasets of clutter indoor scenes, ScanNet and SUN RGB-D. Baselines enhanced by our module can stably improve results in agreement by a large margin and achieve new state-or-the-art detection, especially under more strict evaluation metric that adopts larger IoU threshold, implying our module is the key leading to high-quality object detection in point clouds."

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