Image-to-Voxel Model Translation for 3D Scene Reconstruction and Segmentation

Vladimir V. Kniaz, Vladimir A. Knyaz, Fabio Remondino, Artem Bordodymov, Petr Moshkantsev ;


Objects class, depth, and shape are instantly reconstructed by a human looking at a 2D image. While modern deep models solve each of these challenging tasks separately, they struggle to perform simultaneous scene 3D reconstruction and segmentation. We propose a single shot image-to-semantic voxel model translation framework. We train a generator adversarially against a discriminator that verifies the object's poses. Furthermore, trapezium-shaped voxels, volumetric residual blocks, and 2D-to-3D skip connections facilitate our model learning explicit reasoning about 3D scene structure. We collected a SemanticVoxels dataset with 116k images, ground-truth semantic voxel models, depth maps, and 6D object poses. Experiments on ShapeNet and our SemanticVoxels datasets demonstrate that our framework achieves and surpasses state-of-the-art in the reconstruction of scenes with multiple non-rigid objects of different classes. We made our model and dataset publicly available"

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