SegFix: Model-Agnostic Boundary Refinement for Segmentation

Yuhui Yuan, Jingyi Xie, Xilin Chen, Jingdong Wang ;


We present a model-agnostic post-processing scheme to improve the boundary quality for the segmentation result that is generated by any existing segmentation model. Motivated by the empirical observation that the label predictions of interior pixels are more reliable, we propose to replace the originally unreliable predictions of boundary pixels by the predictions of interior pixels. Our approach processes only the input image through two steps: (i) localize the boundary pixels and (ii) identify the corresponding interior pixel for each boundary pixel. We build the correspondence by learning a direction away from the boundary pixel to an interior pixel. Our method requires no prior information of the segmentation models and achieves nearly real-time speed. We empirically verify that our SegFix consistently reduces the boundary errors for segmentation results generated from various state-of-the-art models on Cityscapes, ADE20K and GTA5. "

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