Anti-Bandit Neural Architecture Search for Model Defense

Hanlin Chen, Baochang Zhang, Song Xue, Xuan Gong, Hong Liu, Rongrong Ji, David Doermann ;


Deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs) have dominated as the best performers in machine learning, but can be challenged by adversarial attacks. In this paper, we defend against adversarial attacks using neural architecture search (NAS) which is based on a comprehensive search of denoising blocks, weight-free operations, Gabor filters and convolutions. The resulting anti-bandit NAS (ABanditNAS) incorporates a new operation evaluation measure and search process based on the lower and upper confidence bounds (LCB and UCB). Unlike the conventional bandit algorithm using UCB for evaluation only, we use UCB to abandon arms for search efficiency and LCB for a fair competition between arms. Extensive experiments demonstrate that ABanditNAS is about twice as fast as the state-of-the-art NAS method, while achieving an $8.73\%$ improvement over prior arts on CIFAR-10 under PGD-$7$."

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