Low Light Video Enhancement using Synthetic Data Produced with an Intermediate Domain Mapping

Danai Triantafyllidou, Sean Moran, Steven McDonagh, Sarah Parisot, Gregory Slabaugh ;


Advances in low-light video RAW-to-RGB translation are opening up the possibility of fast low-light imaging on commodity devices (e.g. smartphone cameras) without the need for a tripod. However,it is challenging to collect the required paired short-long exposure frames to learn a supervised mapping. Current approaches require a specialised rig or the use of static videos with no subject or object motion [5],resulting in datasets that are limited in size, diversity, and motion. We address the data collection bottleneck for low-light video RAW-to-RGB by proposing a data synthesis mechanism, dubbed SIDGAN, that can generate abundant dynamic video training pairs. SIDGAN maps videos found ‘in the wild’ (e.g. internet videos) into a low-light (short, long exposure) domain. By generating dynamic video data synthetically, we enable a recently proposed state-of-the-art RAW-to-RGB model to attain higher image quality (improved colour, reduced artifacts) and improved temporal consistency, compared to the same model trained with only static real video data"

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