Learning Semantic Neural Tree for Human Parsing

Ruyi Ji, Dawei Du, Libo Zhang, Longyin Wen, Yanjun Wu, Chen Zhao, Feiyue Huang, Siwei Lyu ;


In this paper, we design a novel semantic neural tree for human parsing, which uses a tree architecture to encode physiological structure of human body, and design a coarse to fine process in a cascade manner to generate accurate results. Specifically, the semantic neural tree is designed to segment human regions into multiple semantic sub-regions (g, face, arms, and legs) in a hierarchical way using a new designed attention routing module. Meanwhile, we introduce the semantic aggregation module to combine multiple hierarchical features to exploit more context information for better performance. Our semantic neural tree can be trained in an end-to-end fashion by standard stochastic gradient descent (SGD) with back-propagation. Several experiments conducted on four challenging datasets for both single and multiple human parsing, \ie, LIP, PASCAL-Person-Part, CIHP and MHP-v2, demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Code can be found at \url{https://isrc.iscas.ac.cn/gitlab/research/sematree}."

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