ScribbleBox: Interactive Annotation Framework for Video Object Segmentation

Bowen Chen, Huan Ling, Xiaohui Zeng, Jun Gao, Ziyue Xu, Sanja Fidler ;


Manually labeling video datasets for segmentation tasks is extremely time consuming. We introduce ScribbleBox, an interactive framework for annotating object instances with masks in videos with a significant boost in efficiency. In particular, we split annotation into two steps: annotating objects with tracked boxes, and labeling masks inside these tracks. We introduce automation and interaction in both steps. Box tracks are annotated efficiently by approximating the trajectory using a parametric curve with a small number of control points which the annotator can interactively correct. Our approach tolerates a modest amount of noise in box placements, thus typically requiring only a few clicks to annotate a track to a sufficient accuracy. Segmentation masks are corrected via scribbles which are propagated through time. We show significant performance gains in annotation efficiency over past work. We show that our ScribbleBox approach reaches 88.92% J&F on DAVIS2017 with an average of 9.14 clicks per box track, and only 4 frames requiring scribble annotation in a video of 65.3 frames on average."

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