READ: Reciprocal Attention Discriminator for Image-to-Video Re-Identification

Minho Shim, Hsuan-I Ho, Jinhyung Kim, Dongyoon Wee ;


Person re-identification (re-ID) is the problem of visually identifying a person given a database of identities. In this work, we focus on image-to-video re-ID which compares a single query image to videos in the gallery. The main challenge is the asymmetry association of an image and a video, and overcoming the difference caused by the additional temporal dimension. To this end, we propose an attention-aware discriminator architecture. The attention occurs across different modalities, and even different identities to aggregate useful spatio-temporal information for comparison. The information is effectively fused into a united feature, followed by the final prediction of a similarity score. The performance of the method is shown with image-to-video person re-identification benchmarks (DukeMTMC-VideoReID, and MARS)."

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