Improving One-stage Visual Grounding by Recursive Sub-query Construction

Zhengyuan Yang, Tianlang Chen, Liwei Wang, Jiebo Luo ;


We improve one-stage visual grounding by addressing current limitations on grounding long and complex queries. Existing one-stage methods encode the entire language query as a single sentence embedding vector, e.g., taking the embedding from BERT or the hidden state from LSTM. This single vector representation is prone to overlooking the detailed descriptions in the query. To address this query modeling deficiency, we propose a recursive sub-query construction framework, which reasons between image and query for multiple rounds and reduces the referring ambiguity step by step. We show our new one-stage method obtains 5.0%, 4.5%, 7.5%, 12.8% absolute improvements over the state-of-the-art one-stage approach on ReferItGame, RefCOCO, RefCOCO+, and RefCOCOg, respectively. In particular, superior performances on longer and more complex queries validates the effectiveness of our query modeling. Code is available at ."

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