Learning Attentive and Hierarchical Representations for 3D Shape Recognition

Jiaxin Chen, Jie Qin, Yuming Shen, Li Liu, Fan Zhu, Ling Shao ;


This paper proposes a novel method for 3D shape representation learning, namely Hyperbolic Embedded Attentive Representation (HEAR). Different from existing multi-view based methods, HEAR develops a unified framework to address both multi-view redundancy and single-view incompleteness. Specifically, HEAR firstly employs a hybrid attention (HA) module, which consists of a view-agnostic attention (VAA) block and a view-specific attention (VSA) block. These two blocks jointly explore distinct but complementary spatial saliency of local features for each single-view image. Subsequently, a multi-granular view pooling (MVP) module is introduced to aggregate the multi-view features with different granularities in a coarse-to-fine manner. The resulting feature set implicitly has hierarchical relations, which are therefore projected into a Hyperbolic space by adopting the Hyperbolic embedding. A hierarchical representation is learned by Hyperbolic multi-class logistic regression based on the Hyperbolic geometry. Experimental results clearly show that HEAR outperforms the state-of-the-art approaches on three 3D shape recognition tasks including generic 3D shape retrieval, 3D shape classification and sketch-based 3D shape retrieval. "

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