Progressive Point Cloud Deconvolution Generation Network

Le Hui, Rui Xu, Jin Xie, Jianjun Qian, Jian Yang ;


In this paper, we propose an effective point cloud generation method, which can generate multi-resolution point clouds of the same shape from a latent vector. Specifically, we develop a novel progressive deconvolution network with the learning-based bilateral interpolation. The learning-based bilateral interpolation is performed in the spatial and feature spaces of point clouds so that local geometric structure information of point clouds can be exploited. Starting from the low-resolution point clouds, with the bilateral interpolation and max-pooling operations, the deconvolution network can progressively output high-resolution local and global feature maps. By concatenating different resolutions of local and global feature maps, we employ the multi-layer perceptron as the generation network to generate multi-resolution point clouds. In order to keep the shapes of different resolutions of point clouds consistent, we propose a shape-preserving adversarial loss to train the point cloud deconvolution generation network. Experimental results on ShpaeNet and ModelNet datasets demonstrate that our proposed method can yield good performance. Our code is available at"

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