TANet: Towards Fully Automatic Tooth Arrangement

Guodong Wei, Zhiming Cui, Yumeng Liu, Nenglun Chen, Runnan Chen, Guiqing Li, Wenping Wang ;


Determining optimal target tooth arrangements is a key step of treatment planning in digital orthodontics. Existing practice for specifying the target tooth arrangement involves tedious manual operations with the outcome quality depending heavily on the experience of individual specialists, leading to inefficiency and undesirable variations in treatment results. In this work, we proposed a learning-based method for fast and automatic tooth arrangement. To achieve this, we formulate the tooth arrangement task as a novel structured 6-DOF pose prediction problem and solve it by proposing a new neural network architecture to learn from a large set of clinical data that encode successful orthodontic treatment cases. Our method has been validated with extensive experiments and shows promising results both qualitatively and quantitatively."

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