MTI-Net: Multi-Scale Task Interaction Networks for Multi-Task Learning

Simon Vandenhende, Stamatios Georgoulis, Luc Van Gool ;


In this paper, we argue about the importance of considering task interactions at multiple scales when distilling task information in a multi-task learning setup. In contrast to common belief, we show that tasks with high affinity at a certain scale are not guaranteed to retain this behaviour at other scales, and vice versa. We propose a novel architecture, namely MTI-Net, that builds upon this finding in three ways. First, it explicitly models task interactions at every scale via a multi-scale multi-modal distillation unit. Second, it propagates distilled task information from lower to higher scales via a feature propagation module. Third, it aggregates the refined task features from all scales via a feature aggregation unit to produce the final per-task predictions.
Extensive experiments on two multi-task dense labeling datasets show that, unlike prior work, our multi-task model delivers on the full potential of multi-task learning, that is, smaller memory footprint, reduced number of calculations, and better performance w.r.t. single-task learning. The code is made publicly available."

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