WeightNet: Revisiting the Design Space of Weight Networks

Ningning Ma, Xiangyu Zhang, Jiawei Huang, Jian Sun ;


We present a conceptually simple, flexible and effective framework for weight generating networks. Our approach is general that unifies two current distinct and extremely effective SENet and CondConv into the same framework on weight space. The method, called WeightNet, generalizes the two methods by simply adding one more grouped fully-connected layer to the attention activation layer. We use the WeightNet, composed entirely of (grouped) fully-connected layers, to directly output the convolutional weight. WeightNet is easy and memory-conserving to train, on the kernel space instead of the feature space. Because of the flexibility, our method outperforms existing approaches on both ImageNet and COCO detection tasks, achieving better Accuracy-FLOPs and Accuracy-Parameter trade-offs. The framework on the flexible weight space has the potential to further improve the performance."

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