Multimodal Memorability: Modeling Effects of Semantics and Decay on Video Memorability

Anelise Newman, Camilo Fosco, Vincent Casser, Allen Lee, Barry McNamara, Aude Oliva ;


A key capability of an intelligent system is deciding when events from past experience must be remembered and when they can be forgotten. Towards this goal, we develop a predictive model of human visual event memory and how those memories decay over time. We introduce Memento10k, a new, dynamic video memorability dataset containing human annotations at different viewing delays. Based on our findings, we propose a new mathematical formulation of memorability decay, resulting in a model that is able to produce the first quantitative estimation of how a video decays in memory over time. In contrast with previous work, our model can predict the probability that a video will be remembered at an arbitrary delay. Importantly, our approach combines visual and semantic information (in the form of textual captions) to fully represent the meaning of events. Our experiments on two video memorability benchmarks, including Memento10k, show that our model significantly improves upon the best prior approach (by 12% on average). "

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