Topology-Change-Aware Volumetric Fusion for Dynamic Scene Reconstruction

Chao Li, Xiaohu Guo ;


Topology change is a challenging problem for 4D reconstruction of dynamic scenes. In the classic volumetric fusion-based framework, a mesh is usually extracted from the TSDF volume as the canonical surface representation to help estimating deformation field. However, the surface and Embedded Deformation Graph (EDG) representations bring conflicts under topology changes since the surface mesh has fixed-connectivity but the deformation field can be discontinuous. In this paper, the classic framework is re-designed to enable 4D reconstruction of dynamic scene under topology changes, by introducing a novel structure of Non-manifold Volumetric Grid to the re-design of both TSDF and EDG, which allows connectivity updates by cell splitting and replication. Experiments show convincing reconstruction results for dynamic scenes of topology changes, as compared to the state-of-the-art methods."

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