CFAD: Coarse-to-Fine Action Detector for Spatiotemporal Action Localization

Yuxi Li, Weiyao Lin, John See, Ning Xu Shugong Xu, Ke Yan, Cong Yang ;


Most current pipelines for spatiotemporal action localization connect frame-wise or clip-wise detection results to generate action proposals. In this paper, we propose Coarse-to-Fine Action Detector (CFAD), an original end-to-end trainable framework for efficient spatiotemporal action localization. The CFAD introduces a new paradigm that first estimates coarse spatiotemporal action tubes from video streams, and then refines the tubes’ location based on key timestamps. This concept is implemented by two key components, the Coarse and Refine Modules in our frame-work. The parameterized modeling of long temporal information in the Coarse Module helps obtain accurate classification and initial tube estimation, while the Refine Module selectively adjusts the tube location under the guidance of key timestamps. Against other methods, the proposed CFAD achieves state-of-the-art results on action detection bench-marks of UCF101-24, UCFSports and JHMDB-21 with inference speed that is 3.3× faster than the nearest competitor."

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