Face Super-Resolution Guided by 3D Facial Priors

Xiaobin Hu, Wenqi Ren, John LaMaster, Xiaochun Cao, Xiaoming Li, Zechao Li, Bjoern Menze, Wei Liu ;


State-of-the-art face super-resolution methods employ deep convolutional neural networks to learn a mapping between low- and high-resolution facial patterns by exploring local appearance knowledge. However, most of these methods do not well exploit facial structures and identity information, and struggle to deal with facial images that exhibit large pose variations. In this paper, we propose a novel face super-resolution method that explicitly incorporates 3D facial priors which grasp the sharp facial structures. Our work is the first to explore 3D morphable knowledge based on the fusion of parametric descriptions of face attributes (e.g., identity, facial expression, texture, illumination, and face pose). Furthermore, the priors can easily be incorporated into any networks and are extremely efficient in improving the performance and accelerating the convergence speed. Firstly, a 3D face rendering branch is set up to obtain 3D priors of salient facial structures and identity knowledge. Secondly, the Spatial Attention Module is used to better exploit this hierarchical information (i.e., intensity similarity, 3D facial structure, and identity content) for the super-resolution problem. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the proposed 3D priors achieve superior face super-resolution results over the state-of-the-arts."

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