Joint Optimization for Multi-Person Shape Models from Markerless 3D-Scans

Samuel Zeitvogel, Johannes Dornheim, Astrid Laubenheimer ;


We propose a markerless end-to-end training framework for parametric 3D human shape models. The training of statistical 3D human shape models with minimal supervision is an important problem in computer vision. Contrary to prior work, the whole training process (i) uses a differentiable shape model surface and (ii) is trained end-to-end by jointly optimizing all parameters of a single, self-contained objective that can be solved with slightly modified off-the-shelf non-linear least squares solvers. The training process only requires a compact model definition and an off-the-shelf 2D RGB pose estimator. No pre-trained shape models are required. For training (iii) a medium-sized dataset of approximately 1000 low-resolution human body scans is sufficient to achieve competitive performance on the challenging FAUST surface correspondence benchmark. The training and evaluation code will be made available for research purposes to facilitate end-to-end shape model training on novel datasets with minimal setup cost."

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