A Large-scale Annotated Mechanical Components Benchmark for Classification and Retrieval Tasks with Deep Neural Networks

Sangpil Kim, Hyung-gun Chi, Xiao Hu, Qixing Huang, Karthik Ramani ;


We introduce a large-scale annotated mechanical components benchmark for classification and retrieval tasks named MechanicalComponents Benchmark (MCB): a large-scale dataset of 3D objects of mechanical components. The dataset enables data-driven feature learn-ing for mechanical components. Exploring the shape descriptor for mechanical components is essential to computer vision and manufacturing applications. However, not much attention has been given on creating an-notated mechanical components datasets on a large-scale. This is because acquiring 3D models is challenging and annotating mechanical components requires engineering knowledge. Our main contributions are the creation of a large-scale annotated mechanical component benchmark, defining hierarchy taxonomy of mechanical components, and benchmark-ing the effectiveness of deep learning shape classifiers on the mechanical components. We created an annotated dataset and benchmarked seven state-of-the-art deep learning classification methods in three categories, namely: (1) point clouds, (2) volumetric representation in voxel grids, and (3) view-based representation."

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