Robust Tracking against Adversarial Attacks

Shuai Jia, Chao Ma, Yibing Song, Xiaokang Yang ;


While deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are vulnerable to adversarial attacks, considerably few efforts have been paid to construct robust deep tracking algorithms against adversarial attacks. Current studies on adversarial attack and defense mainly rest in single images. In this work, we first attempt to generate adversarial examples on top of video sequences to improve the tracking robustness against adversarial attacks. To this end, we take temporal motion into consideration when generating lightweight perturbations over the estimated tracking results frame-by-frame. On one hand, we add the temporal perturbations into the original video sequences as adversarial examples to greatly degrade the tracking performance. On the other hand, we sequentially estimate the perturbations from input sequences and learn to eliminate their effect for performance restoration. We apply the proposed adversarial attack and defense approaches to state-of-the-art deep tracking algorithms. Extensive evaluations on the benchmark datasets demonstrate that the proposed defense method not only eliminates the large performance drops caused by adversarial attacks, but also achieves additional performance gains when deep trackers are not under adversarial attacks."

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