Unsupervised Multi-View CNN for Salient View Selection of 3D Objects and Scenes

Ran Song, Wei Zhang, Yitian Zhao, Yonghuai Liu ;


We present an unsupervised 3D deep learning framework based on a ubiquitously true proposition named by us view-object consistency as it states that a 3D object and its projected 2D views always belong to the same object class. To validate its effectiveness, we design a multi-view CNN instantiating it for the salient view selection of 3D objects, which quintessentially cannot be handled by supervised learning due to the difficulty of collecting sufficient and consistent training data. Our unsupervised multi-view CNN branches off two channels which encode the knowledge within each 2D view and the 3D object respectively and also exploits both intra-view and inter-view knowledge of the object. It ends with a new loss layer which formulates the view-object consistency by impelling the two channels to generate consistent classification outcomes. We evaluate our method both qualitatively and quantitatively, demonstrating its superiority over several state-of-the-art methods. In addition, we showcase that our method can be used to select salient views of 3D scenes containing multiple objects."

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