Meta-Learning with Network Pruning

Hongduan Tian, Bo Liu, Xiao-Tong Yuan, Qingshan Liu ;


Meta-learning is a powerful paradigm for few-shot learning. Although with remarkable success witnessed in many applications, the existing optimization based meta-learning models with over-parameterized neural networks have been evidenced to ovetfit on training tasks. To remedy this deficiency, we propose a network pruning based meta-learning approach for overfitting reduction via explicitly controlling the capacity of network. A uniform concentration analysis reveals the benefit of capacity constraint for reducing generalization gap of the proposed meta-learner. We have implemented our approach on top of Reptile assembled with two network pruning routines: Dense-Sparse-Dense (DSD) and Iterative Hard Thresholding (IHT). Extensive experimental results on benchmark datasets with different over-parameterized deep networks demonstrate that our method not only effectively alleviates meta-overfitting but also in many cases improves the overall generalization performance when applied to few-shot classification tasks."

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