Adaptive Margin Diversity Regularizer for handling Data Imbalance in Zero-Shot SBIR

Titir Dutta, Anurag Singh, Soma Biswas ;


Data from new categories are continuously being discovered, which has sparked significant amount of research in developing approaches which generalizes to previously unseen categories, i.e. zero-shot setting. Zero-shot sketch-based image retrieval~(ZS-SBIR) is one such problem in the context of cross-domain retrieval, which has received lot of attention due to its various real-life applications. Since most real-world training data have a fair amount of imbalance; in this work, for the first time in literature, we extensively study the effect of training data imbalance on the generalization to unseen categories, with ZS-SBIR as the application area. We evaluate several state-of-the-art data imbalance mitigating techniques and analyze their results. Furthermore, we propose a novel framework AMDReg (Adaptive Margin Diversity Regularizer), which ensures that the embeddings of the sketch and images in the latent space are not only semantically meaningful, but they also are separated according to their class-representations in the training set. The proposed approach is model-independent, and it can be incorporated seamlessly with several state-of-the-art ZS-SBIR methods to improve their performance under imbalanced condition. Extensive experiments and analysis justifies the effectiveness of the proposed AMDReg for mitigating the effect of data imbalance for generalization to unseen classes in ZS-SBIR."

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