Self-Supervised CycleGAN for Object-Preserving Image-to-Image Domain Adaptation

Xinpeng Xie, Jiawei Chen, Yuexiang Li, Linlin Shen, Kai Ma, Yefeng Zheng ;


Recent generative adversarial network (GAN) based methods (e.g., CycleGAN) are prone to fail at preserving image-objects in image-to-image translation, which reduces their practicality on tasks such as domain adaptation. Some frameworks have been proposed to adopt a segmentation network as the auxiliary regularization to prevent the content distortion. However, all of them require extra pixel-wise annotations, which is difficult to fulfill in practical applications. In this paper, we propose a novel GAN (namely OP-GAN) to address the problem, which involves a self-supervised module to enforce the image content consistency during image-to-image translations without any extra annotations. We evaluate the proposed OP-GAN on three publicly available datasets. The experimental results demonstrate that our OP-GAN can yield visually plausible translated images and significantly improve the semantic segmentation accuracy in different domain adaptation scenarios with off-the-shelf deep learning networks such as PSPNet and U-Net."

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