Domain-invariant Stereo Matching Networks

Feihu Zhang, Xiaojuan Qi, Ruigang Yang, Victor Prisacariu, Benjamin Wah, Philip Torr ;


State-of-the-art stereo matching networks have difficulties in generalizing to new unseen environments due to significant domain differences, such as color, illumination, contrast, and texture. In this paper, we aim at designing a domain-invariant stereo matching network (DSMNet) that generalizes well to unseen scenes. To achieve this goal, we propose i) a novel ``""domain normalization"" approach that regularizes the distribution of learned representations to allow them to be invariant to domain differences, and ii) a trainable non-local graph-based filter for extracting robust structural and geometric representations that can further enhance domain-invariant generalizations. When trained on synthetic data and generalized to real test sets, our model performs significantly better than all state-of-the-art models. It even outperforms some deep learning models (e.g. DispNet, Content-CNN and MC-CNN) fine-tuned with test-domain data."

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