On the Usage of the Trifocal Tensor in Motion Segmentation

Federica Arrigoni, Luca Magri, Tomas Pajdla ;


Motion segmentation, i.e., the problem of clustering data in multiple images based on different 3D motions, is an important task for reconstructing and understanding dynamic scenes. In this paper we address motion segmentation in multiple images by combining partial results coming from triplets of images, which are obtained by fitting a number of trifocal tensors to correspondences. We exploit the fact that the trifocal tensor is a stronger model than the fundamental matrix, as it provides fewer but more reliable matches over three images than fundamental matrices provide over the two. We also consider an alternative solution which merges partial results coming from both triplets and pairs of images, showing the strength of three-frame segmentation in a combination with two-frame segmentation. Our real experiments on standard as well as new datasets demonstrate the superior accuracy of the proposed approaches when compared to previous techniques."

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