SPAN: Spatial Pyramid Attention Network for Image Manipulation Localization

Xuefeng Hu, Zhihan Zhang, Zhenye Jiang, Syomantak Chaudhuri, Zhenheng Yang, Ram Nevatia ;


Tehchniques for manipulating images are advancing rapidly; while these are helpful for many useful tasks, they also pose a threat to society with their ability to create believable misinformation. We present a novel, Spatial Pyramid Attention Network (SPAN) for detection and localization of multiple types of image manipulations. The proposed architecture efficiently and effecively models the relationship between image patches at multiple scales by constructing a pyramid of local self-attention blocks. The design includes a novel position projection to encode the spatial positions of the patches. SPAN is trained on a synthetic dataset but can also be fine tuned for specific datasets; The proposed method shows significant gains in performance on standard datasets over previous state-of-art methods. "

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