Mining Inter-Video Proposal Relations for Video Object Detection

Mingfei Han, Yali Wang, Xiaojun Chang, Yu Qiao ;


Recent studies have shown that, context aggregating information from proposals in different frames can clearly enhance the performance of video object detection. However, these approaches mainly exploit the intra-proposal relation within single video, while ignoring the intra-proposal relation among different videos, which can provide important discriminative cues for recognizing confusing objects. To address the limitation, we propose a novel Inter-Video Proposal Relation module. Based on a concise multi-level triplet selection scheme, this module can learn effective object representations via modeling relations of hard proposals among different videos. Moreover, we design a Hierarchical Video Relation Network (HVR-Net), by integrating intra-video and inter-video proposal relations in a hierarchical fashion. This design can progressively exploit both intra and inter contexts to boost video object detection. We examine our method on the large-scale video object detection benchmark, i.e., ImageNet VID, where HVR-Net achieves the SOTA results. Codes and models will be released afterwards."

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