Empowering Relational Network by Self-Attention Augmented Conditional Random Fields for Group Activity Recognition

Rizard Renanda Adhi Pramono, Yie Tarng Chen, Wen Hsien Fang ;


This paper presents a novel relational network for group activity recognition. The core of our network is to augment the conditional random fields (CRF), amenable to learning inter-dependency of correlated observations, with the newly devised temporal and spatial self-attention to learn the temporal evolution and spatial relational contexts of every actor in videos. Such a combination utilizes the global receptive fields of self-attention to construct a spatio-temporal graph topology to address the temporal dependency and non-local relationships of the actors. The network first uses the temporal self-attention along with the spatial self-attention, which considers multiple cliques with different scales of locality to account for the diversity of the actors' relationships in group activities, to model the pairwise energy of CRF. Afterward, to accommodate the distinct characteristics of each video, a new mean-field inference algorithm with dynamic halting is also addressed. Finally, a bidirectional universal transformer encoder (UTE), which combines both of the forward and backward temporal context information, is used to aggregate the relational contexts and scene information for group activity recognition. Simulations show that the proposed approach surpasses the state-of-the-art methods on the widespread Volleyball and Collective Activity datasets."

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