Weakly-Supervised Crowd Counting Learns from Sorting rather than Locations

Yifan Yang, Guorong Li, Zhe Wu, Li Su, Qingming Huang, Nicu Sebe ;


In crowd counting datasets, the location labels are costly, yet, they are not taken into the evaluation metrics. Besides, existing multi-task approaches employ high-level tasks to improve counting accuracy. This research tendency increases the demand for more annotations. In this paper, we propose a weakly-supervised counting network, which directly regresses the crowd numbers without the location supervision. Moreover, we train the network to count by exploiting the relationship among the images. We propose a soft-label sorting network along with the counting network, which sorts the given images by their crowd numbers. The sorting network drives the shared backbone CNN model to obtain density-sensitive ability explicitly. Therefore, the proposed method improves the counting accuracy by utilizing the information hidden in crowd numbers, rather than learning from extra labels, such as locations and perspectives.We evaluate our proposed method on three crowd counting datasets, and the performance of our method plays favorably against the fully supervised state-of-the-art approaches."

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