SEN: A Novel Feature Normalization Dissimilarity Measure for Prototypical Few-Shot Learning Networks

Van Nhan Nguyen, Sigurd Løkse, Kristoffer Wickstrøm, Michael Kampffmeyer, Davide Roverso, Robert Jenssen ;


In this paper, we equip Prototypical Networks (PNs) with a novel dissimilarity measure to enable discriminative feature normalization for few-shot learning. The embedding onto the hypersphere requires no direct normalization and is easy to optimize. Our theoretical analysis shows that the proposed dissimilarity measure, denoted the Squared root of the Euclidean distance and the Norm distance (SEN), forces embedding points to be attracted to its correct prototype, while being repelled from all other prototypes, keeping the norm of all points the same. The resulting SEN PN outperforms the regular PN with a considerable margin, with no additional parameters as well as with negligible computational overhead."

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