Unsupervised Domain Attention Adaptation Network for Caricature Attribute Recognition

Wen Ji, Kelei He, Jing Huo, Zheng Gu, Yang Gao ;


Caricature attributes provide distinctive facial features to help research in Psychology and Neuroscience. However, unlike the facial photo attribute datasets that have a quantity of annotated images, the annotations of caricature attributes are rare. To facility the research in attribute learning of caricatures, we propose a caricature attribute dataset, namely WebCariA. Moreover, to utilize models that trained by face attributes, we propose a novel unsupervised domain adaptation framework for cross-modality (i.e., photos to caricatures) attribute recognition, with an integrated inter- and intra-domain consistency learning scheme. Specifically, the inter-domain consistency learning scheme consisting an image-to-image translator to first fill the domain gap between photos and caricatures by generating intermediate image samples, and a label consistency learning module to align their semantic information. The intra-domain consistency learning scheme integrates the common feature consistency learning module with a novel attribute-aware attention-consistency learning module for a more efficient alignment. We did an extensive ablation study to show the effectiveness of the proposed method. And the proposed method also outperforms the state-of-the-art methods by a margin. The implementation of the proposed method is available at https://github.com/KeleiHe/DAAN."

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