Practical Deep Raw Image Denoising on Mobile Devices

Yuzhi Wang, Haibin Huang, Qin Xu, Jiaming Liu, Yiqun Liu, Jue Wang ;


Deep learning-based image denoising approaches have been extensively studied in recent years, prevailing in many public benchmark datasets. However, the stat-of-the-art networks are computationally too expensive to be directly applied on mobile devices. In this work, we propose a light-weight, efficient neural network-based raw image denoiser that runs smoothly on mainstream mobile devices, and produces high quality denoising results. Our key insights are twofold:(1) by measuring and estimating sensor noise level, a smaller network trained on synthetic sensor-specific data can out-perform larger ones trained on general data;(2) the large noise level variation under different ISO settings can be removed by a novel k-Sigma Transform, allowing a small network to efficiently handle a wide range of noise levels. We conduct extensive experiments to demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of our approach. Our proposed mobile-friendly denoising model runs at ~70 milliseconds per megapixel on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, and it is the basis of the night shot feature of several flagship smartphones released in 2019. "

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