Enhanced Sparse Model for Blind Deblurring

Liang Chen, Faming Fang, Shen Lei, Fang Li, Guixu Zhang ;


Existing arts have shown promising efforts to deal with the blind deblurring task. However, most of the recent works assume the additive noise involved in the blurring process to be simple-distributed (i.e. Gaussian or Laplacian), while the real-world case is proved to be much more complicated. In this paper, we develop a new term to better fit the complex natural noise. Specifically, we use a weighted combination of a dense function (i.e. l2) and a newly designed enhanced sparse model termed as le, which is developed from two sparse models (i.e. l1 and l0), to fulfill the task. Moreover, we further suggest using le to regularize image gradients. Compared to the widely-adopted l0 sparse term, le can penalize more insignificant image details (Fig. 1). Based on the half-quadratic splitting method, we provide an effective scheme to optimize the overall formulation. Comprehensive evaluations on public datasets and real-world images demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method against state-of-the-art methods in terms of both speed and accuracy."

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