Social Adaptive Module for Weakly-supervised Group Activity Recognition

Rui Yan, Lingxi Xie, Jinhui Tang, Xiangbo Shu, Qi Tian ;


This paper presents a new task named weakly-supervised group activity recognition (GAR) which differs from conventional GAR tasks in that only video-level labels are available, yet the important persons within each frame are not provided even in the training data. This eases us to collect and annotate a large-scale NBA dataset and thus raise new challenges to GAR. To mine useful information from weak supervision, we present a key insight that key instances are likely to be related to each other, and thus design a social adaptive module (SAM) to reason about key persons and frames from noisy data. Experiments show significant improvement on the NBA dataset as well as the popular volleyball dataset. In particular, our model trained on video-level annotation achieves comparable accuracy to prior algorithms which required strong labels."

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