HGNet: Hybrid Generative Network for Zero-shot Domain Adaptation

Haifeng Xia, Zhengming Ding ;


Domain Adaptation as an important tool aims to explore a generalized model trained on well-annotated source knowledge to address learning issue on target domain with insufficient or even no annotation. Current approaches typically incorporate data from source and target domains for training stage to deal with domain shift. However, most domain adaptation tasks generally suffer from the problem that measuring the domain shift tends to be impossible when target data is inaccessible. In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm, Hybrid Generative Network (HGNet) for Zero-shot Domain Adaptation, which embeds an adaptive feature separation (AFS) module into generative architecture. Specifically, AFS module can adaptively distinguish classification-relevant features from classification-irrelevant ones to learn domain-invariant and discriminative representations when task-relevant target instances are invisible. To learn high-quality feature representation, we also develop hybrid generative strategy to ensure the uniqueness of feature separation and completeness of semantic information. Extensive experimental results on several benchmarks illustrate that our method achieves more promising results than state-of-the-art approaches."

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