Visual-Relation Conscious Image Generation from Structured-Text

Duc Minh Vo, Akihiro Sugimoto ;


We propose an end-to-end network for image generation from given structured-text that consists of the visual-relation layout module and the pyramid of GANs, namely stacking-GANs. Our visual-relation layout module uses relations among entities in the structured-text in two ways: comprehensive usage and individual usage. We comprehensively use all available relations together to localize initial bounding-boxes of all the entities. We also use individual relation separately to predict from the initial bounding-boxes relation-units for all the relations in the input text. We then unify all the relation-units to produce the visual-relation layout, i.e., bounding-boxes for all the entities so that each of them uniquely corresponds to each entity while keeping its involved relations. Our visual-relation layout reflects the scene structure given in the input text. The stacking-GANs is the stack of three GANs conditioned on the visual-relation layout and the output of previous GAN, consistently capturing the scene structure. Our network realistically renders entities' details in high resolution while keeping the scene structure. Experimental results on two public datasets show outperformances of our method against state-of-the-art methods."

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