Deep Transferring Quantization

Zheng Xie, Zhiquan Wen, Jing Liu, Zhiqiang Liu, Xixian Wu, Mingkui Tan ;


Network quantization is an effective method for network compression. Existing methods train a low-precision network by fine-tuning from a pre-trained model. However, training a low-precision network often requires large-scale labeled data to achieve superior performance. In many real-world scenarios, only limited labeled data are available due to expensive labeling costs or privacy protection. With limited training data, fine-tuning methods may suffer from the overfitting issue and substantial accuracy loss. To alleviate these issues, we introduce transfer learning into network quantization to obtain an accurate low-precision model. Specifically, we propose a method named deep transferring quantization (DTQ) to effectively exploit the knowledge in a pre-trained full-precision model. To this end, we propose a learnable attentive transfer module to identify the informative channels for alignment. In addition, we introduce the KullbackÔÇôLeibler (KL) divergence to further help train a low-precision model. Extensive experiments on both image classification and face recognition demonstrate the effectiveness of DTQ."

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