Deep Credible Metric Learning for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Person Re-identification

Guangyi Chen, Yuhao Lu, Jiwen Lu, Jie Zhou ;


The trained person re-identification systems fundamentally need to be deployed on different target environments. Learning the cross-domain model has great potential for the scalability of real-world applications. In this paper, we propose a deep credible metric learning (DCML) method for unsupervised domain adaptation person re-identification. Unlike existing methods that directly finetune the model in the target domain with pseudo labels generated by the source pre-trained model, our DCML method adaptively mines credible samples for training to avoid the misleading from noise labels. Specifically, we design two credibility metrics for sample mining including the k-Nearest Neighbor similarity for density evaluation and the prototype similarity for centrality evaluation. As the increasing of the pseudo label credibility, we progressively adjust the sampling strategy in the training process. In addition, we propose an instance margin spreading loss to further increase instance-wise discrimination. Experimental results demonstrate that our DCML method explores credible and valuable training data and improves the performance of unsupervised domain adaptation. "

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