Dual Mixup Regularized Learning for Adversarial Domain Adaptation

Yuan Wu, Diana Inkpen, Ahmed El-Roby ;


Recent advances on unsupervised domain adaptation (UDA) rely on adversarial learning to disentangle the explanatory and transferable features for domain adaptation. However, there are two issues with the existing methods. First, the discriminability of the latent space cannot be fully guaranteed without considering the class-aware information in the target domain. Second, samples from the source and target domains alone are not sufficient for domain-invariant feature extracting in the latent space. In order to alleviate the above issues, we propose a dual mixup regularized learning (DMRL) method for UDA, which not only guides the classifier in enhancing consistent predictions in-between samples, but also enriches the intrinsic structures of the latent space. The DMRL jointly conducts category and domain mixup regularizations on pixel level to improve the effectiveness of models. A series of empirical studies on four domain adaptation benchmarks demonstrate that our approach can achieve the state-of-the-art."

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